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Rant-Man's Notebook

By Jim "Rant-Man" MacQuarrie

J-Bolt: Starting over

Hi there. If you bookmarked this page, you may be disappointed to find it changed. There's a story in that.

A while back, a guy on my favorite message board got sick of hearing about J-Bolt and my adventures in jousting with him, so he sent me a money order to cover my losses on condition that I shut up about it. So I'm shutting up.

Meanwhile, J-Bolt himself has resurfaced and wants a clean start. Being a charitable sort, I hope he means it. I may even help him with his projects if he'll let me. Hey, you know me, I live to serve.

So the J-Bolt page here is gone. As a show of good faith to J-Bolt, I've taken it down. If you have sufficient Web-Fu, you might be able to locate a cached version of it somewhere, or maybe somebody copied it somewhere. I can't be responsible for that. Good luck.

Hey, J- is this sufficient?


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