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a·poth·e·o·sis: n. [Gr apo-, from + theos, god] the act of raising a person to the status of a god; deification.
Who wouldn't want to be a god?

Whatever the occasion, making someone a god is the most imaginative way to show you care. See how impressed and appreciative that special someone will be when he or she receives such an unusual and creative gift from you.

Your new god's name will be officially registered in the Apotheosis Institute’s database featuring the best-known and most prominent gods and goddesses from the pantheons of many diverse cultures. Each god listing includes name, country, and topic of patronage.

This certificate makes a great gift for the person who has everything! One size fits all!

Make someone a god for only $9.99!

Fill out the form and click the button, will take you to our shopping cart at PayPal and will add the certificate to your cart. Follow the simple instructions to proceed through the checkout and payment process.


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Be a God is a novelty product. If you think that buying this certificate will actually make you a god, you have more serious problems than Monkey Spit is prepared to help you with. Any resemblance to any actual person or organization is entirely coincidental, or for parodic purposes and protected by U.S. federal law. All photos have been chosen for humorous purposes, and the site does not necessarily reflect the views of the people shown in them. If you have a problem with any of the content of this page, please check your sense of humor first, and if you still have a problem, send an e-mail to and we'll work it out, okay? Let's leave the lawyers out of this.

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