Dexter's Diary

A journal of my daily life.

Hi, my name is Dex, and welcome to my diary! I've decided to put my thoughts here as a way to share my experiences and insight with the rest of the world, without having anyone know who I am. You can never be too careful, you know.






I went to the park today. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I had already watched my tapes of Next Generation that I recorded off of TNN all week, so I had some free time to explore my world. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I swear to God, a lot of the ladies were checking me out. I was riding my bike along a path when I spied this raven-haired beauty sitting along the side of the path. Her bike had a flat. Kind gentleman that I am, I offered to help her. As I fixed her tire, we struck up a flirtatious conversation. I think she thought I was staring at her chest, but she didn't seem to mind. She gave me her phone number.



I called that girl from the park today. I'll call her Brandi. I waited two days to call her. I didn't want her to think I was desperate, but I also didn't want her to think I blew her off. A man answered the phone. Her brother? Anyway, I asked for Brandi, and she was given the phone. She remembered me from the park, but said she couldn't talk right now. I suggested we meet for coffee the next day, and she agreed. After that, I watched a rerun of the X-Files on FX.



I sat in my car across the street from the coffee shop 15 minutes before I was supposed to meet Brandi. I didn't want to look like a fool waiting at a table if she didn't show up. People pick up on those things. Look at that loser who just got stood up! That's what they'd all be thinking. No, I will wait for her to arrive first, and then I'll show up. Luckily, Brandi appeared right on time. She was wearing a slinky little skirt, which made me believe the following days could be filled with fun. She looked happy to see me, and gave me a hug, and thanked me again for fixing her bike. The conversation was quick, and witty. She twirled her hair when she asked me questions. I'm sure everyone watching knew she wanted me. We made a date for the following Friday.



I started receiving crank phone calls today. Every hour or so, someone would call, and then hang up. Must get caller ID. Around 7pm, I needed to go pay my rent. I always put my ear to my door, to listen if anyone is travelling the hallway of my apartment building. I don't like people to know when I'm leaving. I have very expensive stereo equipment in my place. After hearing nothing, I unlocked all four of my locks, and opened the door. A man in a black suit was walking by, and turned to look at me. I closed the door, and paid my rent at 8pm.



I took the day off to prepare for my date. Brandi is the perfect woman, so I needed to fully prepare so I wouldn't mess this up. I took the phone off the hook, so the crank caller wouldn't disturb me. After ironing my clothes for the night, and hanging them in the closet, I began my magic on my hair. Two hours later, I was satisfied. I watched a little Voyager after that. Seven of Nine has nothing on Brandi though! An hour before the date, I got dressed. More tomorrow after the big date!



She didn't show up. I waited in my car, across the street from the restaurant for three hours. My raven-haired beauty was a no show. I had been stood up. These things always happen to me. To make matters worse, I swear I saw the man in the black suit walk past my car last night. I'm beginning to think something is very wrong.



I am not going to call Brandi. She stood me up! I will not go begging to her for an answer. I have too much respect for myself. Late tonight, I finally put the phone back on the hook.



I think my boss hates me. He's always on my case, and never berates anyone else. I'm taking the week off. I don't need this crap.



The phone keeps ringing. I'm not even going to bother answering it anymore. Damn cranks. I finally unplugged it two hours later. I needed to go shopping for food. All I had left in the place was a giant box of Oriental flavor Top Ramen. As I was preparing myself at the door, someone knocked. I wished to God I had a peephole in my door. Was it the man in the black suit? Was it Brandi? No, it couldn't be her. I never gave her my address, just in case she was a loon. I turned off all my lights, and waited for the knocking to stop. I didn't go shopping.



Someone knocked again this morning. They know I'm here. I can't leave.



I've never been so sick of Ramen in my life. The bathroom is starting to smell. I haven't flushed the toilet in awhile. They might hear.



I think I'd go crazy if I didn't have TV. I only watch in the daytime so the flicker can't be seen from the windows or under the door. I also wear headphones, so nobody can hear. Thank God for the Sci-Fi channel. I use the phone line to update this diary for five minutes a day at exactly 3:03am. I know, it's a risk, but I need someone to be witness.



Another knock today. Why don't they leave me alone?!! Was that man at Brandi's house her husband? Is he the man in the black suit? Is he coming to kill me? Did he kill Brandi? Is that why she didn't show up? These questions need answers! God I'm hungry. I've run out of toilet paper and garbage bags.



If I were running Babylon 5, I'd never trust the Centauri people. Their eyes are very shifty. Look at Londo! He's always up to no good! I think Captain Sheridan is right not to put full faith in the Vorlons. The knocking started again today. Did you know that raw Ramen noodles really aren't that bad?


5/27/02 3:03am

I've run out of food. I need to stock up for the long haul. I'm going to take a chance today, and go to the store. I may not come back. If this is my last entry, you'll know they got me. I'm so hungry. Forgive my weakness, sweet reader.


5/27/02 2:30pm

I'm back! Everything is cool, and I feel very foolish. I had gone to the store today, with a list of supplies. Guess who I ran into?!! Brandi! She said she'd been trying to call me for days, but my phone just rang and rang. She tried to call me the day of our date to say she needed to reschedule, but I never answered. Whew! It was all a big mistake! We have a date set for tonight!!! I went home then, amazingly happy. Not a care in the world! As I was opening the door to my apartment, my soul dropped to the floor. The man in the black suit appeared next to me. I was speechless with fear, and almost dropped my bag of groceries. Who was he?!! Finally he spoke. Jehovah Witness. Sigh. My whole week was wasted because of him. I politely turned down his offer to share his insights with me, and quickly went inside. After all, I only had a few hours before the big date, and I needed to reserve time to park across the street from the restaurant. More tomorrow!


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