The World's Best Partridge Family Tribute Band

Gordie Fergusen

In addition to protraying Danny, Gordie is our webmaster. Gordie founded Get Happy when he was in junior high and is the only member to continuously appear iwth the group throughout its history.


Larry Hashimoto

Despite being one-quarter japanese, Larry makes a great Keith Partridge. Unfotunately, he hasn't been available to appear with us since our debut concert at the North Arlington Heights Junior High Shcool Talent Contest, but he is still the best Keith we ever had, and we keep him listed as a member to try and encourage him to come back to us.


Tiffany Rosenberg

I promised Tiff that she could be Laurie with us if she could get us a gig. We played at her little brother Evan Rosenberg's bar mitzvah, and now she's our Laurie!


Jeff Dillard

Our new Chris! Jeff will play with us starting with our very next gig, to be announced shortly.


Brittany Kolarik

Brittany is the younger sister of my ex-girlfriend Ashley, so I don't know if shes actually still in the group. (It was an ugly breakup and Ashley might have tried to sort of turn Brittany against us.)


Cindy Barton

When she isn't sining with Get Happy, Cindy collects unicorns, writes poetry and takes care of her cats (she has 11 cats!) We found Cindy through an ad at a musicians website, and she's really good.


Get Happy was formed in April 1998 at North Arlington Heights Juniour High School. Since then we've had some turnover in the cast, but now we're a stable lineup, and we're vailable to perform for you!


January 30, 2002- Open Mike Night, Steer 'n' Stein
Febuary 9, 2001- Covenant Bible Church Talent Show
August 28, 1999- San Jacinto Valley Guava Festival
May 15, 1999- St. Genesius Parish Family Festival
September 22, 1998 Evan Rosenberg's Bar Mitzva
April 6, 1998- N. Arlington Heights Jr. High Talent Show

We Got a
Partridge Bus!

Check it out dude! It's a 1985 Toyota, and I painted it myself. My mom helped me pay for it, but she was really mad when I started painting it. I think I did a boss job on it myself! Pretty groovy, huh?


This is the part of the page where I, Gordie Fergusen, explain my views and tell what I intend to accomplish with this band. You may say "why a Partridge Family band? Why bother?" Well let em tell you, I might have once agreed with you, but the simple fact is, I've discovered teh deep spiritual meaning of the Partridge Family, and its all tied up in Danny Partridge. Like Danny, I too am a second son. Unlike Danny, I was not bold and fearless. I have since discovered that Danny Partridge is not a typical secend-born. Middle kids tend to be quiet and shy until they reach high school when they start to rebel. Revolutions are almost always started by second or third born sons- that's why China has a one baby per family law. They are afraid of somebody leading a revilt against them and they know that any revolution will be led by a younger brother, so they don't let anybody have one.

That's the spirit of Danny Partridge, the spirit of revolt! Take a look, whos the most successful Partridge right now?? DANNY thats who! Sure, LAurie (Suzan Dey) had that lawyer show for a while, and David Cassidy is an Las Vegas doing something, but DANNY Bonnaduce is on the radio every day! I listen to him on the internet. His show is on Star-98.7 in Los Angeles. Los Angeles! The Home of Stardom! SEE!

However, I feel I must make it very clear that Danny Bonaducce is NOT Danny PArtridge! They are two different people. Danny Partridge trancends the mere performer. Danny Partridge is a spirit, an ideal, a standard to aspire to. The Danny Partridge Spirit is about taking the world on your own terms and bending it to your will. It's about drive and fearlessness. Danny Partirdge lives inside the person that adopts his Spirit, and gives that person the courage, the "balls" if you will, to be fearless. Without the Spirit, I would have been afraid to repaint my minivan- I would have been worried about what my mom would say, expecially since she's been making noises about throwing me out. Really, like that's fair! I have to live at home until Get Happy takes off, and she'll just have to understand that. I have to be true to the Spirit of Danny Partridge, even if it means getting fired from the occaisional job for not showing up.

You see, I AM Danny Partridge now. The Spirit of Danny has come upon me and chosen me as his vessel. I am Worthy. Danny Bonnaduci lost the right to be Danny Partridge when he betrayed the greatness of the persona by stupid and sinful acts like getting picke dup by the police with a transvestite whore. Danny if your reading this, I'm sorry to be so harsh about it, but its your own fault- you betrayed the spirit and the spirit has left you. You're not Danny Partridge anymore. I am.

Unlike you, Danny Bonanduce, I am True to the Spirit. I embrace it and it empowers me to do great things. Danny has given me a vision of a great mission. I must preserve and protect the beautiful and meaning full songs of the Partrige Family and present them to a new generation. At this I will not fail.

-- Gordie Fergusen, "Danny Partridge"

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