Do your teeth hurt?

Have you been putting off that appointment to the dentist because you can't stand the hassle?

Do you fear waiting rooms and the dreaded reclining chair?

Lacking that all-important dental insurance?

All your concerns are a thing of the past!














That's right, from the makers of fine woodworking and craftsman tools, comes every family's answer to the horrid dentist visit. Through the years, the name Bleck & Dacker has meant quality. From screwdrivers to circular saws, we are the true innovators. And now we bring that innovation to the world of oral health care!

Bleck & Dacker's Home Dentistry Kit is an all in one tooth maintenance arsenal. Included in this complete, and dentist approved, kit are various high power tools to aid in your pursuit of the perfect smile.

For those pesky cavities, we've got the Drill Master 5000. This cordless wonder will root out all your pain with its variable speed rotation and diamond cut drill bit attachments. Looking to even out your smile by shaving off a little of that snaggletooth you've been teased about for years? No problem! Just whip out the handy jig saw, and your smile will be picture perfect in seconds. Have you got plaque buildup along the gum line? Our high speed belt sander will have your teeth glistening, and your mate beaming over your new fresh breath.

The Bleck & Dacker Home Dentistry Kit has all these items and more! Over twenty powerful tools for the health of your mouth!










"Bleck & Dacker is what I use on my own kids!"

Dr. Zeke Garyuli


"I love power tools, and fresh breath!"

Joe Tortelli

Call now and you'll receive this handy cordless oral lamp! With Krypton bulb technology, you'll be able to spot even the stealthiest of problems.

"My teeth have never been cleaner!"

Bob Villa


"What a great deal! I'm never going to the dentist again!"

Mary Roiku


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