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guest column by Tipper Gore

I have always been a fan of "rock and roll" music, and I certainly don't have any problems with young people going out to a dance on Saturday night and having some fun.

But I am seriously disturbed by the trend I see in today's young musical acts towards discarding their musical heritage in favor of embracing a culture that is not their own. White musicians have a long and proud tradition in popular music, dating back to the days of Pat Boone, the Four Freshmen, and Fabian. Now our precious cultural heritage is being diluted as modern musical performers like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys attempt to incorporate "rhythm" and "blues" into their... (more)

We're all about style here at IVORY, and you can be too! Take a look at some of our "hip and jazzy" new trends for fall! For men, as always, the key item is cardigans, cardigans, cardigans! For women? The pearls-and-brooch combo is back! (more)


As long-time readers know, IVORY magazine honors the greatest contributors to Caucasian culture every year in our Hall Of Fame awards. This year, though, some readers have taken issue with one of our choices this year, and some have even accused us of playing the 'race card.' However, we here at IVORY stand firm in our choice to honor musician Johnny Mathis, who, though not actually Caucasian himself, has nevertheless spent the bulk of his musical career bringing the sound of white music to mainstream America... (more)


At IVORY we like to bring you tasty ethnic dishes that not only make for a wonderful meal, but serve to remind us all of our rich cultural history. This issue's theme is Velveeta, and wait'll you see what our chef's got lined up.... (more)


Louis Rukeyser's new job: IVORY political reporter! Also, a set report from Fred Willard's new TV series! (more)

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