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Are you a parent of a young child? We at Low Expectations Publishing know how hard it is to raise a child in today's world. One trip to the bookstore will show you the sad state we live in. Rows and rows of How To books fill the parenting section, and let's not even mention all the Life Lesson storybooks in the kids section. There are hundreds of books on how to teach your child about the world. And guess what? Every single one of them sugarcoats the truth! You'll see books about being a teenager, getting along with others, and even books about sex! We've read all these books, and frankly, they will fill you and your child's head with absolute fluff! Thankfully, Low Expectations is here to help. We've designed a series of books for the parent and child that will expose and prepare your child for the real world. Welcome to Brutal Truth Storybooks!

The Bad Guys Usually Get Away With It

You know it's true. No matter what, somewhere in this world, someone is doing something evil, and they will never be punished for it. This book in our series follows the tale of young Jimmy, who always likes to wander off while he's supposed to be playing in the backyard. One day, after the squealing of tires, Jimmy is never seen again.

You'll Work in a Dead-end Job Your Whole Life

Every child grows up believing they'll be a superhero, or that they'll do something special. Have you done anything special? Your parents? We didn't think so. So why shackle this false hope on your child? It's cruel! Dead-end Job will teach your children never to expect anything good to be handed to them. Follow the story of Mike, as he graduates college, and ends up working as a Data Entry Specialist for the next thirty years.

Friends Will Betray You

Friendships last forever, right? Wrong! People are back-stabbed every day. You know it's true. Your child will be the wiser after reading about Dave and his friend Peter. Both boys are best friends in high school. Peter tells Dave he likes a certain girl. Dave starts hanging around the girl, trying to see if she likes Peter. Dave ends up liking the girl, and steals her away before Peter ever gets a chance.

You Will Never Be Rich

All children grow up thinking that when they become an adult, then they will be rich. This simply will not occur. If anything, your child will be in debt for most, if not all, of their life. Learn from Rick, the boy who dreamed of owning a mansion and a yacht by the age of 25. By the time Rick hits forty, he is married with seven kids, has a third mortgage, and is over $30,000 in debt.

You Will Probably Get Fat

By the time they're in their mid 30's, your children will undoubtedly let themselves go, as age and metabolism take their toll. You need to teach your child that fat is not ugly, or it will do permanent damage to their psyche down the road. This book follows the adventures of Jane, who works out day and night for years to keep the attention of men, only to drown herself in snack cakes five years later.

Magic Is Not Real

In the final book in our series, your child will learn that magic is a lie. There is no Santa Claus. No Easter Bunny. No wonderful land of Narnia inside the wardrobe. Nobody wins the lottery. You will not marry a supermodel. In this fable, Ryan discovers all the magic is a lie, and stops relying on the fantastical to shape his hopes and dreams. This end piece to our series is the final brutal lesson your child needs to succeed in this world. When the little apple of your eye learns the cold, harsh reality of existence, they will be prepared to take on the world!

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