Hello there, music fans. Ever since I was a young lad, I've loved listening to, and singing along with, the day's popular music. Whether driving around town in one of my fabulous cars, or standing in my ornate shower, I take great pleasure in belting out a tune.

When I was first approached about releasing an album, I was a bit unsure--after all, why would anyone think that having me "cover" some hep tunes would be a big seller? But the producers sent me a tape of some of the songs they were considering, and I listened to it for a few days.

The more I listened, the more the music began to reach me. I found myself singing along, even when I didn't have the tape with me. The night I caught myself humming 'If I Had a Million Dollars' while fixing a sandwich, I knew I was hooked. I listened to the tape again, and picked out the songs I most wanted to sing; then the producers mixed all these hits with a few of my old favorites, and put together the disk you now hold in your hand. Of course, great new songs come out every day, so I don't think it'll be too long before I find myself humming something new, and we'll have another album to send your way. Who's the man now, Dog?


Sean Connery

[album cover]
Listen to Samples
1. Barenaked Ladies Million Dollars
2. Fastball The Way
3. Barenaked Ladies One Week
4. Blind Melon No Rain
5. Sisqo Thong Song
6. Kid Rock Bawitdaba
7. Metallica Enter Sandman
8. Smash Mouth All Star
9. Sir Mix-a-Lot Baby Got Back
10. the "Tootsie Roll" jingle
11. Silk Freak Me
12. Stroke 9 Little Black Backpack

The first 10,000 orders received will receive a free bonus disk, with over 30 minutes of outtakes and snippets of unused songs, like these instant classics:
  • Sean Connery berates an intern.
  • Sean Connery reads the back of a microwave burrito package.
  • An angry screed against the makers of packaged sugar.
  • Sean Connery talks smack about yo' grandma.
  • Sean Connery's hardcore gangsta rap medley.
  • And ethnic slurs, ethnic slurs, ethnic slurs!
All this great material, plus much more! Order now!

Also from the makers of Sean Connery's Greatest Hits:

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