Manatee... It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

One of North America's Oldest Foods is Today's Newest Taste Sensation!

The ancient Mayans considered the manatee, or "sea cow," to be a staple of their diet, and our farm-raised manatee is setting tastebuds tingling across the country!

Manatee is one of the most versatile meat animals; the different cuts provide seven distinct flavors, similar to beef, pork, monkey, turkey, lion, chicken, and tortoise. Cattle of the Sea products take full advantage of this unique combination of flavors, from the delicious sandwiches made with our Chunk Light Manatee in Spring Water to the zingy bite of our spicy Manatee Jerky!

Once you've sampled the mild flavor of our farm-raised manatee, you'll never go back to that gamey-tasting wild manatee you tried before. Always fresh, never frozen, Cattle of the Sea Manatee is "tasty like beef, healthy like fish," and it goes equally well with red OR white wine!

Try some today!

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