The Cattle of the Sea Family of Fine Manatee Products:

  • Manatee Steaks
    Thick, delicious slabs of prime manatee, ready for the BBQ!
    16 oz. vacuum-pack
  • Chunk Light Manatee
    In Spring Water
    4 oz. can
  • Ground Manatee
    Perfect for meat loaf, tacos, or with spaghetti
    16 oz. chub
  • Manatee Patties
    Ready for the grill!
    4 1/4-lb. patties
  • Manatee Chorizo
    Spicy manatee sausage for a new twist on huevos rancheros!
    8 oz. package
  • Zesty Manatee Jerky
    Take it with you to the beach, on a hike, or anywhere!
    2 sticks in a 3 oz. package
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