Hi folks, Jeffrey Mercury here with my timely movie reviews and recommendations! On this site, you'll find helpful reviews for all you parents out there who are worried about what their children might be seeing.

The Bourne Identity
I hated this because, in the movie this man has no real identity, which is an allegory for having no real soul. A movie about a soulless man will only add to the moral depravity of our society. Kids are so impressionable. Soon every kid will be like "Mommy, Mommy, I want to have no soul. "I want to partake in violent fight scenes in which I murder people only to raise an audience's pulse rate and further a plot that is lacking in both character and content. A plot that is only there to facilitate the action sequences." And the mom will be like "No, no, Timmy, if you want an X-box for your birthday you have to have a soul." And Timmy is like, "but Matt Damon did it, and he is the darling of Hollywood!" Now, how is a parent supposed to compete with that argument?

This movie fails in what it is attempting to accomplish. They are trying to honor the Navajo code talkers, but they focus way too much on the war. I mean I understand that World War Two was this big deal and all, blah, blah, blah, fighting against tyrants, blah, blah, blah. People are seriously too hung up on it. We know that people died in these battles, do we really need to have our faces shoved in it again and again. I am sure that these directors are making it out to be way worse than it really was anyway. They just want to use their fancy pyrotechnics and CGI shots, so they embellish to thrill the viewer and make themselves look like hotshots. They should focus on the Navajo, maybe then they will send some of that Casino money in Hollywood's direction.

Undercover Brother
Frankly this is a movie that I just don't get. I know they are trying to make a joke about ethnic stereotypes, and America today, I guess I am just not hip enough to understand. So, I am not going to critique this on it's merits, for I am the wrong person to do it, but I will tell you one giant pet peeve I had with this film. Denise Richards. She is just a symbol of something that is way too prevalent in the media and our country today. Yes, in this movie she wears pants. Women wearing pants is getting out of control. In the wearing of pants they are only making fools of themselves. They are not men, they will never be men, so they should stop trying. Even when they "feminize" the pants by making them tight fitting, or seductive looking, it is just a façade. We know what you are trying to do. You think if you wear pants, someone will take you seriously? It's not going to happen. Just put on your demure knee length skirt honey, and finish fixing my dinner.

Scooby Doo
Talking Dogs...it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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